Film to Sensor – blog 01

My name is Nabeel Ali, I am a big fan of photography, exploring places and angels to tell story is a gift that I enjoy unwrapping every time i hold my camera and hit the road.

The world of photography has transformed twice, the first time is when digital took over film. The second time is when social media revolution started few years ago. Obviously the entire social media concept is based on a photo or a video that was taken by a phone or a camera.

There is a great impact of photography on human life all around the world, an image is a reflection of culture, it is a tool to reflect the daily life of a society. That moment when a little kid in Africa stares at the camera’s lens for a few minutes, a click is heard, and then an image is created. That image is frozen in time, and time does not know the concept of pause at all.

Hold the moment

I don’t want to dig deep in history, I just want to shed some light on some specific factors that relates to the photography transformation throughout the digital age,

Cameras became more accessible to large number of users and more flexible with the new digital technology. Users now days can capture and erase the photos that they don’t desire . In the film era, photos cannot be erased after captured, therefore they were more valuable. The combination of digital photography and social media create a great tool to share photos and videos online.

Smart phones created it’s own style of photography introducing dynamic range industry of imaging. Cinematographer get inspired by a certain look which he/she reflects it in his movies such as the oscar winning film, The Revenant.


When social media emerged few years ago, the indystry of imaging took another route, a massive one. with over a billion images shared over platforms like Facebook and instgram daily ! it became the market rather than a marketing tool.

This was one of the main reasons that social media evolved to become  very important to almost every profit or non profit company and professionals, since it allows direct communication between the marketer and the consumer as simple as a touch of a button.

Thanks for reading


thats all.


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